1972 Pontiac LeMans




Here is our LeMans build. Our project is a 1972 Pontiac LeMans, LS1/T56 and ultimately being built for auto-x and road race. For 2015 this car will run auto-x at Goodguys events and American Street Car Series as well as road race and auto-x at Ultimate Street Car Association events (The new Optima event). It also runs the Orange Cone Racing events. The car will also be on display at many events through out the year, UMI currently attends 16-20 events a year and this increases with every year.

We are seeking sponsors and associates to contribute to this project and further the success of those companies associated with our project.

Our Current Sponsors have contributed:
Baer Brakes- Complete brake system
Moser Engineering- Differential and axles
AFCO Racing- Pro-tour Elite Shocks
Flowmaster- LS headers and complete exhaust system
Pro-Forged- Steering linkage
Hawks Third Generation- LS engine and T56 transmission
Speed Inc- Misc LS engine components

WS6Store- Misc LS engine components

Wizard Cooling- LS aluminum radiator
Dakota Digital- VHX gauges
Ron Francis- LS wiring kit, tune and computer
Magnason- TVS2300 Supercharger Kit

The LeMans will attend shows and events such as, but not limited to:

  1. Three Carlisle Events (Spring, Fall, GM Nationals) We are a featured company on the manufacturers midway (and since we have a long history there, and this is our home show, one could say we have the MOST prominent location). Carlisle is one of the largest events in the country, Spring and fall shows attract over 100K people. Carlisle
  2. Columbus GoodGuys Event. Info Here
  3. American Street Car Series events – Info Here
  4. Ultimate Street Car Association events – Info Here
  5. Syracuse Nationals- Info Here
  6. Charlotte Auto Fair – Info Here
  7. GM Nationals in Carlisle Pa. The LeMans will be used on the Auto-x track for customer ride-a-longs, he gave over 500 rides in 2014. Info Here
  8. Orange Cone Racing- Pittsburgh Pa Event- Info Here
  9. LS Holley Fest- Info Here
  10. Midwest Muscle Car Challenge- Info Here

**At each event the car will either be used for competition and/or displayed at our booth.

 Media will include, but not be limited to: (Click on the links to see the threads)
  1. Chevelles.com forum Build Thread, over 33,000 views and growing: Chevelles
  2. Pro-Touring.com Build Thread, over 34,000 views and growing: Pro-Touring
  3. Facebook, over 45,000 Fans and averaging 75-125 new likes a day: LeMans build
  4. Vehicle will have a build thread on our website. The build threads will be on our front homepage and will be updated the same as forum threads. The build pages are almost done and will be up shortly. Currently we have an install page, which is similar. The new page will be front-page prominent: UMI builds
  5. Instagram, we have 2,400 followers and growing each day. @umiperformance
  6. Since this is an LS build we can also start a thread on LS1tech.com

** Our main way of helping you is photos and write ups in the above forums, Facebook, Instagram and other social media post. In each thread we will take pictures of the items and pictures installing them. We will post links to your site and any other advertising you may require.

Please let us know if you’d like clarification for any of the above. Of course we’d verify part numbers before ordering.
The attached photos show our LeMans in process. It is currently further ahead than the photos show.

Thanks for the consideration!


Ryan D. Kirkwood
President and CEO

UMI Performance Inc.

509 Hemlock St
Philipsburg, PA 16866

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